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4 Things Extraordinarily Successful People Do

Have you ever been told your idea was stupid and would not work? Have you ever been denied something due to your race, gender, beliefs, and / or financial situation? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. In fact, successful people share these same experience(s). So how do extraordinarily successful people overcome these potential roadblocks? Do they have more money than most people? Do they have better credit ratings than most people? The answer is no. The answer is revealed by observing how they react during moments when they are treated unfairly or denied the support that would continue to enable their success.

Successful people do 4 things that most people don’t in those situations, and by using the chart below, you will be able to identify actions you can take to develop same the habits of extraordinarily successful people.

When Experiencing a Difficult Situation

Extraordinarily Successful People…

Most People…

REMAIN SOLUTION FOCUSED. They know opportunities always exist no matter what the circumstances are, and they are adept at finding them. REMAIN PROBLEM FOCUSED. They are blinded by the pain associated with their circumstances, and they are blind to the opportunities that exist.
BELIEVE. They believe in their ability to find and seize the opportunities that are identified. LACK BELIEF. Their lack of belief results in a lack of confidence and perseverance necessary to overcome the obstacles encountered.
ACCEPT ACCOUNTABILITY. They always accept accountability for their contributions to current circumstances. DEFLECT AND BLAME OTHERS. They spend the majority of their time defending themselves and blaming others for their circumstances.
FOCUS ON MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS. They seek the wisdom of others because they know they don’t always have the right answers. FOCUS ON FIGHTING TO BE RIGHT. They reject the wisdom of others because they want to be right.


Challenging situations are a part of life. Research consistently has shown how you react to those situations determines your level of success. If you want to unlock your potential and improve your level of success, use the chart above to do an honest self-assessment regarding your reactions to challenging situations. Then take action to develop the habits of extraordinarily successful people. Building new habits takes time and perseverance, and once they become norms of behavior for you, your ability to master difficult situations will increase as will your success.

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