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5 Guidelines for Making the Right Decision in Every Situation

Make the right decisions – at work and in your personal life – every time. Use these simple guidelines on a daily basis to dramatically increase your success and enhance the lives of others.

Making the Right Decision in Every Situation

Making the Right Decision in Every Situation


Ask anybody how they’re doing, and you will invariably hear of things they hope or wish to change and improve. You will also hear a variety of excuses that prevent them from making those changes. Unfortunately, hoping and wishing without action is not an effective strategy for achieving change and improving anything. In order to make dramatic improvements in your life and in the lives of those you care about, both personally and professionally, start with your decision making. The key is to make the right decision in every situation because good decisions today will lead to better results tomorrow.

Here are 5 guidelines I have discovered for always making the right decision in every situation.

Crowdsource Wisdom from Successful People

Successful people have a track record of making the right decisions, therefore it is vitally important to consistently seek their wise counsel. In this era of virtual connections, it’s easier than ever to crowdsource wisdom. Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ enable you to receive input from people all over the world. Use them and use them regularly.

Enhance the Lives of Others

Throw a pebble into a pond, and ripples will be created. The same effect happens from every decision you make. Your decisions not only affect you, they impact others as well. One thing I know is this – every right decision enhances the lives of others. But that’s just one part of the “impact on others” equation.

Activate the Right Behaviors

Enhancing the lives of others is required to make the right decision, but it is incomplete. Why? It’s possible to demonstrate bad behaviors to get the results you want while enhancing the lives of others. Banks that made loans to unqualified home owners temporarily enhanced the lives of others but certainly demonstrated the wrong behaviors in doing so. To eliminate this problem, simply use this critical litmus test – if the decision activates the right behaviors (i.e. ethical, law abiding behaviors) to enhance the lives of others, then you’re making the right decision.

Utilize the Best of Who You Are

The right decisions always do two things – they stretch you out of your comfort zone while never taking you out of your talent zone. Great decisions are not great. They are made great because they allow you to use your natural talents and strengths to make them great. If the decision stretches you without exposing a fatal flaw and utilizes the best of who you are, you’re making the right decision.

Maximize Benefits, Identify Consequences

Examine the decision making of successful people, and you will discover that they are obsessed with results. They have a habit of maximizing results while effectively identifying the risks and potential consequences of their decisions. If they cannot live with the worst possible outcome / consequence of their decision, they don’t make it and you shouldn’t either.

Making the right decision is not easy. It requires a willingness to change the way we think on a daily basis, seek the wise counsel of others, take others into account, do the right thing every time, and stay in our talent zone. If it were easy, more people would be doing it. But don’t worry. If you follow these five guidelines, you will build the habit of making the right decision in every situation, and in just a few weeks, you will begin to see a significant improvement in your level of success.

What other tactics have you used to make better decisions? I would love to hear them, so share them in the comments section below.

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