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5 Ways to Become More Successful in 30 Days or Less

No matter what your current circumstances are, you can significantly improve your level of success and happiness by taking these 5 actions on a daily basis.

Successful People

Successful People

Ask any successful person the secret to their success, and they will tell you success is always created as a result of their thoughts and beliefs. While their circumstances are constantly changing and evolving, their beliefs and the process they use to navigate the changes are pretty consistent. I’ve discovered 5 actions they consistently take to enable success, and by adopting all 5 as habits, you can improve your level of success in as little as 30 days.

Here are the 5 actions highly successful people take on a daily basis:

1. Successful People Always Take Accountability for their Choices.

In The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, he provides an incredibly accurate formula for success.

Event + Response = Outcomes

Most people blame the events in their lives for their lack of achieving desired results. Successful people do exactly the opposite. They make it a habit to always take accountability for the choices they made (Responses) that led to the results achieved. By doing so, they have a faster recovering time from mistakes, and they make better, more informed decisions that increase the chances they achieve the outcomes they desire.

Action: It’s easy to take accountability when things go right. Make it a daily practice to take accountability for when things go wrong, and use these 4 phrases to convert mistakes into long term success.

2. Successful People Surround Themselves with Positive, Make a Difference People

Make two columns on a sheet of paper. Label the left column “People I Interact With” and label the right column “Positive or Negative People”. Now write the names of every person you interact with on a regular basis and identify their impact on you as being positive or negative. Successful people spend most of their time with positive people, and you should too. It’s hard to rise to the top when you’re being weighed down by those who prefer to hang out at the bottom.

Action: Make it a daily practice to have 80%+ of your interactions be with positive, make a difference people.

3. Successful People Ask Lots of Open Ended Questions

Breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions to challenges we face are almost always the result of a very simple process – a process of curiosity. Successful people, regardless of their level of intellect, genius, or skill, consistently ask “What” and “How” questions because they are by far the most effective questions for turning good ideas into great ideas. Most people let their fears, their pride, their ego, and their unpreparedness cause them to stop asking questions, and when you stop asking questions, you start blocking your success.

Action: On a daily basis, ask mostly “What” and “How” questions, and only ask closed ended questions (questions that are typically answered with a one word answer such as “yes” or “no”) when you want to get agreement.

4. Successful People Follow Through.

There is a simple formula that depicts another critical tenant of success:

Words = Actions.

Successful people are fanatics about being reliable. They know when they consistently do what they say they’re going to do (make and keep commitments), they earn a very valuable commodity called trust. And high trust is the currency of the super successful. In fact, Warren Buffet has been known to enter into multimillion dollar deals without initially signing a contract because of the level of trust he has developed. With practice, you too can reap the rewards of high trust, and it starts within you. Stop violating the commitments you make to yourself, and in order to do that, it might be necessary to reduce the number of commitments you make. The key is to keep most of the ones you do make. Once you have a high follow through quotient, you’ll start to see more and more people willing to rely on and confer with you.

Action: On a daily basis, follow through on every commitment you make to yourself and others until you are keeping 90%+ of commitments made. And follow this rule of thumb – if you can’t keep it, don’t make it.

5. Successful People Act.

Most people are always waiting for a better ______________ (you fill in the blank). Waiting for a better time, a better financial position, a better opportunity is procrastinating into mediocrity or worse. Successful people execute. They see an opportunity, and if they can exploit it, they pounce. They know some opportunities are better than others, so they always set aside time and resources to seize the ones they feel fit within their goals and objectives. You can do the same thing. It takes a little planning, and once you have a plan in place, you will seize opportunities that others may have seen but were unprepared to act on.

Action: Create an “opportunity fund” and begin saving a set amount that will allow you to act on any opportunities that move you closer to your goals. Also, schedule 15 minutes each day to reflect on the opportunities that were presented to you so that you develop a habit of actively looking for them.

Successful people follow a proven process, and they continually refine and adapt the process because they know they get better results when they do. Turn these 5 actions into daily habits, and you will increase your level of success in no time.

The Floor is Yours

What actions would you add to this list? What actions have you taken that increase your level of success? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

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