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The Number 1 Way to Stand Out at Work

Average people talk in terms of activities and tasks. People who stand out only talk in terms of accomplishments and results. Here’s how they do it.


Stand Out at Work

Stand Out at Work

Recently while attending my client’s management staff meeting, the senior manager asked his supervisors to provide a brief summary of the results they achieved over the past six months. After hearing ten supervisors go into painstaking detail of the activities and tasks completed, it was clear the senior manager was frustrated. He did not want to know WHAT THEY DID. He wanted to know WHAT RESULTS WERE ACHIEVED. He attempted to clarify his request after which an additional three managers did as their predecessors had – described what they did (tasks) without explaining the results achieved. That is when I intervened.

This is not an uncommon experience. In fact, if you review 100 resumes, 80% of them will be comprised of a long list of activities and tasks with no mention of impact or results. How boring. We train and develop thousands of managers annually, and I can assure you a resume lacking descriptions of results pretty much guarantees it will be trashed. The fix to the problem is as elegant as it is simple.


So here is the secret and the number 1 way to stand out and rise above your competition no matter what job you have:


Give Managers What They Need

Managers are supremely interested in four variables:







They are required to reduce time, increase quality, reduce cost, and increase revenue. Everything you do, and everything you say should demonstrate how to reduce time, increase quality, reduce cost, and increase revenue. If you can’t articulate the impact of your activity, you’re automatically a cost, and that is the first thing that gets cut in tough times. You’re doing the work to prove your value, now all you have to do is speak the value of the work you are doing. You do this by using the Stand Out formula.


Stand Out Formula

Stand Out = Activities or Tasks + Accomplishment or Results


To stand out and prove the value of your activities, simply state the impact. Here are some examples:


Activity: Applied the five concepts from the employee engagement training

Accomplishment:  Voluntary employee turnover decreased by 15%


Combined statement: Applied the five concepts from the employee engagement training achieving a 15% reduction in voluntary employee turnover. (This reduces the cost of voluntary employee turnover.)


Activity: Applied the Power of Questions communication technique during safety meetings

Accomplishment: The number of safety violations went down by 70% in the first 2 months


Combined statement: Applied the Power of Questions communication technique achieving a 70% reduction in safety violations in the first 2 months. (This reduces the costs incurred from safety incidents, increases the level of safety for employees, and increases the quality of the work.)


The power of the Stand Out formula is in its simplicity and universal appeal. You don’t have to stop talking about what you did. You simply need to add what you (and your team, business unit, and organization) accomplished as a result of what you did. When you do this, you will stand out and the value of the accomplishments achieved will be rewarded through increased levels of influence and success.


The Floor is Yours

What other techniques for standing out at work have you successfully used? Please share your feedback in the comments below.


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