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Live Your Best Year Ever by Focusing on Your ABCs

Learning your ABCs was a critical first step to learning to read. It’s also a critical first step to sustainable success.

Live Your Best Year EverEveryone has something they are passionate about. Highly successful people do too. There is only one thing that converts an average person to a highly successful individual. It’s the ability to make decisions that energize a passion and convert it into a success-enabling activity that lasts. The process for the conversion is actually not that complicated. It’s as easy as learning your ABCs. It takes discipline. Complete the following statements to develop the foundation of a plan that can skyrocket your level of success in short order.


The basis of success is always found in the ability to produce something of value. The key to your success is to hunt for the abilities you possess now that can solve other peoples’ problems. Completing these three statements will help you narrow your list of possibilities:

What I can do for hours on end is…..

It’s easy for me to….

It didn’t take me long to learn how to….

Another great resource that can aid in the hunt for your abilities is the Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment. I’ve used the tool to grow my success as well as the success of others. I highly recommend it.


Everyone has a personal brand (also known as a reputation). Social media has truly enabled a personal brand to become well known in as little as a few hours. In almost all cases, it takes a lot more effort and time to build awareness of a personal brand. So the next step in living your best year ever is to ensure people see your knowledge and experience as something of value. You can determine your current brand by completing the following two statements:

I’m the one everyone calls for when….

The things people always compliment me on are….

You’re either known for adding value or extracting value from others. If your brand perception is not positive, then you’ll need to begin a brand makeover process.

For additional resources for developing an effective personal brand, download your free copy of Harnessing the Power of Your Potential to Maximize Your Success. It is a collection of articles that provide you the dynamic, innovative, and practical strategies for living your best year ever.


So far you’ve identified what you can do (ability) that solves other peoples’ problems, and you’ve determine how aware people are (brand) of your ability. The final step for converting your ability into something other people value is becoming committed to doing so. Plenty of people have ability and perceived brand value but lack the discipline to persevere when challenges occur. To determine if your ability can past the commitment test, complete these three statements:

No matter how busy things get, I still find time to…

I never miss an opportunity to…

People can count on me to…

If any of your commitments match your abilities, then you have everything you need to begin converting your passion into success so that you can live your best year ever. In the event your current abilities don’t match what you are committed (and passionate) about, that’s OK. Just search for ways to match your passions and abilities.

To live your best year ever is not easy because it is hard work. The good news is this – it’s achievable when you have a plan. The ABCs can serve as a basic plan to get you started. Three other articles serve as perfect complements to this one to create a comprehensive success strategy:

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So start taking the actions today to grow your level of success beyond your wildest dreams.

The Floor is Yours

What other strategies have you used to achieve success? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

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