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The 11 Cs of Successful Leaders

Anyone can transform into a great leader by mastering these 11 traits of leadership success.


A persistent myth regarding great leaders is that they possess almost super human intellect and infinite finances. The reality is that great leaders are much more common than anyone realizes. If you want to skyrocket to leadership greatness, simply focus on developing these 11 traits; in other words, be known for being…


People rely on those who are reliable. Consistently deliver results, and your level of trust and influence will set you apart from other leaders.


Delivering the right solutions at the right time is a bit of art and science. By always asking “what” and “how” questions, leaders become great leaders because they never stop growing, learning, and changing.


Anyone can make the easy decisions in the best of times. Great leaders are highly effective at making every decision with the welfare of others in mind.


Leading in today’s extremely complex organizational structures requires an extensive set of skills. Leaders who become great are not only technically astute; they also become masters of interpersonal skills.


Every organization operates with high levels of uncertainty. John Maxwell says in all great transformational movements, there are no accidents. Things happen for a reason. Be the reason. Leaders who reduce uncertainty and rally people to a cause excel.


After the incredibly painful recession, many people have developed the bad habits of complaining and negative thinking. Those who excel at leadership are those who create visions of a better future and persuasively speak the language of success.


Leo Burnett said to swear off making mistakes is very easy. All you have to do is to swear off having ideas. To be an exceptional leader, taking risks in the pursuit of excellence is required.


Everyone says they want the truth, and many times the truth hurts. Great leaders are highly adept at addressing the realities of a situation while simultaneously helping people deal with pain that can accompany reality.


Good ideas are transformed into great ideas by consistently seeking the input of others. This is a hallmark of the best leaders.


While many organizations are using a policies and procedures / compliance focused approach to diversity in the workplace, great leaders effectively utilize the 5 skills required to ensure diversity in thinking to unleash the immense power of creativity. Steve Jobs didn’t create the iPhone. He created the environment where the iPhone could be envisioned.


One of the greatest criticisms of leaders is their lack of communicating effectively. To rise to star status as a leader, become a master of receiving and sharing information.

Growing as a leader requires never ending effort, persistence, belief, and perseverance. Become known as a person who demonstrates these 11 traits, and you will see your leadership skyrocket to star status.

The Floor is Yours

What other traits and characteristics would you add to the list of great leaders? Please share them in the comments below.

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