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4 Daily Decisions That Will Ignite Your Success

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Victor Kiam said procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin. If you want to grow your level of success, developing a daily ritual for seizing opportunities is required. Here’s how the best do it.

Success is a State of MindThe potential for success is always a function of your daily activity. The old “I’ll get around to it” is a surefire way of killing opportunity. To truly ignite your success requires discipline and a process. You provide the discipline, and the 4 daily decisions that follow provide you the process for growing your level of success no matter where you are today. The 4 decisions are as follows:

1. Identify Opportunities

Successful people wake up each day and intuitively seek to find circumstances where opportunities exist. Albert Einstein famously said, “Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” The point is simple – where there are unmet needs, opportunities are abundant. Once promising opportunities are identified, successful people habitually move on to the next decision in the process.

2. Select Opportunities that Result in Growth

Successful people think in terms of abundance, so they know they have to be very disciplined in selecting the opportunities they will pursue. A critical question they answer is this – will the opportunity lead to growth? There’s no point in investing time and resources in anything that does not have a high return on investment. They also develop a habit of asking the 3 questions to achieve success that is built to last. When the mix of variables appear to line up and project a promising outcome, the next daily decision is acted upon.

3. Select Opportunities that Compound Success

You cannot succeed without the support of others, and no one does anything for free. John Maxwell says teamwork makes the dream work. In deciding where to spend their time each day, successful people have a clear understanding of 3 things required to make their dream work: a plan, the right people, and time and financial resources. That leaves the last daily decision for review.

4. Select the People to Seize the Opportunity

If it offers the chance for growth, and it has a reasonably good chance of producing returns that can be shared, the final daily decision is acted upon. Successful people are like conductors of an orchestra, managing, on a daily basis, the individual people who collectively create the music of success. It takes a vision, it takes discipline, and it takes courage. When managed correctly each day, it yields incredible results.

The Floor is Yours

What other daily strategies for achieving success would you add to the list? Please share them in the comments below.

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