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4 Undeniable Principles That Success-Proof Your Future

Successful people don’t attack every task or challenge from scratch. They use systems based on repeatable principles to maximize their success, and here’s the secret to how they do it.

4 Undeniable Principles for Reaching New Heights of SuccessOne of my fondest childhood memories was being given “wings” by a flight attendant when my mom and I flew from Los Angeles to New York on a 747 jumbo jet. Today I am blessed to fly over 100,000 miles annually crisscrossing the globe as a management consultant, peak performance expert, and motivational speaker. My fascination with flying began at an early age, and I’ve applied the 4 principles of flight to achieve amazing success in my life.

Those principles are simple, predictable, repeatable, and time-tested. The really cool thing is this: by applying the 4 undeniable principles to your life, you can achieve breathtaking heights of success as well.

Here is a simple road map on how to do it:

Principle #1: Thrust

The engines of a plane have one purpose – to create maximum efficiency of motion by creating thrust. If you want to achieve your goals, become a master at creating motion. The first key is to develop the discipline to cut through the clutter to consistently make daily decisions that move you closer to your goals. The second key is to meticulously seek out people who can help you go from point A to point B in the most efficient manner. Implementing these actions thrust you toward well-defined destination points (known as your goals).  Turn those 2 actions into habits, and you have the foundational skills required to propel you to goal attainment.

Principle #2: Lift

The wings of a plane create lift, which enables the aircraft to rocket up to heights of 5 miles or more where it can take advantage of predictable jet streams. In life you achieve lift from people who push you onward and upward. Take a moment right now to reflect on who you interact with on a daily basis. This group of people is like a pair of pliers exerting immense influence on you. As a result, you’ll want to stack this advisory group with people who can do 2 things and do them well:

  1. Help you achieve new heights of success
  2. Help you rise above the inevitable challenges you’ll face

The best people to have in your inner circle are mentors, coaches, and members of success-enabling mastermind groups. By having access to their infinite wisdom, they act like air traffic controllers – they enable you to continuously adapt to the endless stream of imperfect situations as you navigate from point to point along your success journey.

Principle #3: Drag

The flaps on the wings are also responsible for creating drag which is the force that operates opposite to the direction of motion. Ask any successful person, and they will tell you they purposefully have people in their inner circle who create drag. These “draggers” force you to slow down by asking the tough questions and challenging your perceptions and assumptions. As a mentor once told me – you’d rather have your assumptions and decisions challenged by those closest to you because they identify weaknesses which, in turn, afford you the ability to create a layer of protection your most staunch opponents will find difficult to penetrate.

Principle #4: Weight

Planes are designed to transport weight (people and cargo) safely and efficiently. Weight is the force of gravity, and it operates in a downward direction. Successful people know these truths – their choices add weight and the people in their sphere of influence add weight. To maximize success requires you to methodically examine the weight you are carrying along your journey. This is easily done by habitually asking yourself 2 questions:

  1. How is what I’m about to do (or not do) going to move me closer to my goals?
  2. How does each person I interact with daily help me move closer to my goals?

The answers will enable you to shed unnecessary weight that will slow you down or take you off course.

I’ve used this simple, time-tested approach on a daily basis for several years and what I have found is that I have to constantly create bigger goals because I have surpassed every one I’ve ever set.

All it takes is a little discipline and an understanding of how these simple yet potent principles enable you to live the life you desire and deserve.

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