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How to Actually Excite, Compel, and Convert Ambit Prospects

Action transforms dreaming a dream into living a dream. Use this 5 step in-home meeting process to convert your prospects into consultants and customers before they leave.

Convert Prospects Into ConsultantsWhen conducting in-home meetings, every Ambit Energy consultant must act and think like a marketer.

Everything that is said and every action that is taken during the meeting must have 1 goal and 1 goal only – to motivate people to take action (become a consultant or a customer).

Too many Ambit consultants fall into the trap of trying to inform, educate, or impress their prospects. The most successful Ambit consultants know the key to converting prospects is to delight, excite, and ignite peoples’ passions!

They do this by following a simple meeting framework:

1. Communicate to Connect

The hosts should briefly introduce themselves using language and emphasizing points that connect the hosts to guests. Make it visual. Make it pleasurable. Make it brief. Make it memorable.

2. Invent Their Future

Ask your guests questions to identify their hopes, their dreams, their passions, and their desires. Find their WHY to help them find their way.

3. Reveal the Path

As you share the Ambit opportunity (pressing play to show the video) watch for signs of interest, intrigue, and excitement in your guests. Too often Ambit consultants fall into the deathtrap of getting bogged down in the details. Successful consultants are masters at speaking to what resonated with their guests and disregarding the rest.

4. Ignite the Ignition

Now the focus shifts to helping them begin the journey to the center of their WHY. Help them see themselves using Ambit Energy as the vehicle to improve the lives of others because by helping others succeed they will succeed. Be specific. Be succinct. Be believable. Remember, the focus is NOT about making money. It’s about creating the life of their dreams.

5. Join the Movement

All people yearn to be a part of something meaningful. What you shared with your guests is about transformation and being a part of a movement. Successful Ambit consultants use John Maxwell’s 4 Steps of Transformation to delight, excite, and ignite their guests’ passion.

  • A movement begins with a calling – I want to make a difference.
  • It stands on a cause – doing something that makes a difference.
  • It spreads from me to we – with people who make a difference.
  • And it has a sense of urgency – at a time that makes a difference.

By focusing on exciting your guests about the possibilities Ambit Energy creates for making a difference, you are ready for the final step – the call to action.

Call to Action:

By using specific language, you can inspire and motivate people into action.

Here is the EXACT language to use at the end of your in-home meeting to have people launching their own Ambit Energy business or becoming a customer of your Ambit Energy business.

There are 2 types of people in this world:
1. Those who are working to build their dreams
2. and those who are hired to work for people to build their dreams.

Dreams become reality one choice at a time. Ambit Energy creates choice. It’s the right choice. For a tiny, one time $75 investment, it’s the only choice. And the cool thing is, the choice is yours.

Remember, starting is the difference between dreams and accomplishments. Never again let your memories be greater than your dreams. Sign up now and take control of your future.

You are now armed with the 5 steps for exciting, compelling, and converting your Ambit prospects.

What other proven tips and strategies for hosting in-home meetings work for you? Please share them in the comments below.

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