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14 Super Easy and Reliable Ways to Succeed as a Leader

Great Leadership

Every successful leader masters these 14 ways for helping people stay out of their own damn way in order to reach their potential.

The act of leading is quite simple. Dealing with people is the complicating factor.

At its roots, leadership is about managing relationships and helping people be better. One of the fastest ways to effectively explain anything is using visuals so here are 3 absolutely awesome graphics that reveal everything you need to know to be a great leader.

5 Timeless Qualities of True Leaders by Umair Haque

5 Timless  Qualities of Effective Leadership


6 Ways to Succeed as a Leader by Center for Creative Leadership

6 Ways to Succeed as a Leader


Boss vs. Leader by Arvind Lakhani

Boss versus Leader



As you read them, there will be those among you who might argue whether there are 16 or 14 or 20+ ways to become a great leader.

Go with whatever number works for you. Just master everything on each graphic because that’s what all great leaders do.


What other powerfully effective leadership tactics have you used that were not represented on any of the graphics? Please do share them in the comments below.

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