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You must believe in yourself to add value to yourself. Most people will never reach their full potential, yet almost all of us have the ability to achieve our full Read more

Average people spend their days wishing, dreaming, waiting, and hoping for success. Successful people spend their days believing, thinking, acting, and growing their way to success.  The beginning of the Read more

Success is never built in a day. It is achieved by the things you do or don’t do every day. Here’s a 7 day plan for doing the right things Read more

Your level of happiness and success is not determined by what you do. They are determined by who you do it with. I am blessed to have the greatest group Read more

Successful people don’t attack every task or challenge from scratch. They use systems based on repeatable principles to maximize their success, and here’s the secret to how they do it. Read more

The more of a commodity you are, the more irrelevant you are. People don’t buy average. Companies don’t pay for average. And no organization in their right mind would try Read more

To be successful, you have to give yourself permission to succeed. All you need is a swift kick in the attitude. People are unhappy. Ask most people how they are Read more

Financial Freedom is very attainable if you simply stop making the same mistake 90% of all Americans make every day. Would you make this investment? The investment consumes 75% – Read more

Opportunities for massive success are easy to spot when you know what to look for. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, and most people have a mistaken belief that financial Read more

To overcome status quo thinking, your desire to learn and grow must be greater than the desire to protect your ego. My wife and I recently launched a new business Read more