Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions

Managing and Leading Change


Improve your ability to successfully manage and lead change initiatives in your organization.


Leading Change

Minimize cost and time overruns when leading Business Units, teams, and individuals through the complexities of change.

Essentials of Persuasion and Building Influence

Persuading and influencing skills are the foundation of top notch performance. Learn the essentials steps for gaining buy in from key decision makers and stakeholders.

Essentials of High Impact Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Companies that last win on innovation, and that starts with having people who can solve the most pressing challenges. Instill the skills essential to winning for the long term.

Managing Multiple Generations

With 4 distinct generations in the workforce, many established generational stereotypes are causing a widening of the skills gap. Learn to apply a practical approach enables all generations to collaborate and produce incredibly powerful results.

Managing Conflict

Conflict is often the result of differences in interpersonal preferences, values, and disagreements regarding task management. If incorrectly managed, they will increase cost, reduces efficiency, and shatter teamwork. Learn proven and effective strategies for preventing and resolving the most destructive types of conflict.