Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions

For Training Professionals


Enhance the skills required to conduct an effective needs assessment, deliver highly engaging training, and use performance consulting to create significant ROI from training programs.


Facilitation Skills for Trainers

The most effective training is facilitated, not taught. Learn and practice the proven techniques that create high degrees of learner engagement and leads to a transfer of the training back on the job.

High Impact Low Cost Experiential Exercises to Energize Training

No more boring training! You will experience firsthand and be taught the secrets we use to create highly engaging and extremely interactive training experiences every time with client all over the world.

Conducting an Effective Needs Assessment

75% of all training is never applied back on the job primarily because the training does not address the core business issue. Learn and apply a practical, time saving approach that ensures your training can create a positive Return On Investment (ROI)

Essentials of Consulting Skills

Training professionals are increasingly required to diagnose problems and recommend solutions. Learn the core skills every successful consultant uses to become a trusted business partner by delivering exceptional results.

Essentials of Training Transfer

If 75% of training is never applied on the job, how can this be fixed? Identify the key variables that must be addressed and use a proven approach that will increase the degree of transfer in your organization.