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Join the growing ranks of organizations around the world such as Omantel, the Jamaica Customer Service Association, the Association for Talent Development (ATD), and Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University who are booking Sardek Love to engage, inspire, and enhance the lives of their greatest asset – their people.

The Master Influencer: 8 Powerful Secrets of Exceptionally Persuasive People

No matter how many years of professional experience you possess, you can dramatically increase the positive impact on others by becoming a person of greater influence. In this insightful, engaging, and entertaining session, you will learn:

  • The art of connecting: The 4 step process to get people drooling to work with you
  • How to read and begin influencing people in as little as 10 minutes
  • The EXACT proven step-by-step process for anticipating and overcoming resistance and objections
  • The easy-to-apply magnetic communication techniques that attract and hook people to you and your ideas

Flawless Communicating: The 3 Keys for Creating Convincing Communication with Peers, Bosses, and Stakeholders

Have you ever experienced a lack of accountability in others during a project?

Have you ever wondered why you and your team are consistently confronted with impossible deadlines?

Would you like a proven method for communicating to get buy-in from your peers, bosses, and key stakholders?

Then this Keynote is for you!

In this highly interactive session, Master Trainer and International Keynote Speaker Sardek Love will teach you:

  • The SUPER SIMPLE SECRET for setting clear and specific expectations like a CHAMP! The fail-proof template for setting expectations correctly every time
  • 7 tactics master communicators use to effortlessly connect and win buy-in
  • How to overcome the #1 communication bad habit that is increasing costs and destroying your professional credibility

Winning: The 4 Keys to Using Employee Engagement to Own Your Marketplace

Organizations with high levels of employee engagement reduce absenteeism, increase quality, reduce voluntary turnover, increase productivity, and reduce costs. How do they do it? You will learn how to apply the 4 ways they do it to consistently win the battles and own their marketplace.

High Impact Low Cost Training Techniques to Engage Any Audience

The top 3 Challenges Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) say are most critical for success are:

  • Developing human capital
  • Driving innovation
  • Maximizing operational excellence

Delivering training that positively impacts the organization’s bottom line is crucial to closing the gaps in all three areas of CEO concerns. The problem is, research consistently shows only 25% of all training is applied back on the job placing every training program in danger of loss of CEO investment and support.

In this his most popular workshop 4 years running, Master Trainer and internationally acclaimed Keynote Speaker Sardek Love will reveal several shockingly simple and surprisingly effective training techniques he has used in 26 countries to maximize participant engagement and increase application back on the job.

Engaging Your Team to Greatness

During the recession, many organizations stopped focusing on the workplace climate. This led to a large percentage of disgruntled managers and employees. As the global economy strengthens, most organizations are severely unprepared to retain their top talent at all levels. In this provocative session, Sardek will identify several factors that drive disengagement. He will then reveal a road map your managers can use to reengage their teams and achieve great results.

Creating Irresistible Value Propositions that Win!

For professional associations and other organizations that rely on a strong membership base to survive, failure to adapt traditional models for attracting and retaining members will put associations’ survival at risk. Based on his years of successfully leading local chapters and coaching and developing local chapter leaders, you will be exposed to the incredibly powerful value proposition model that will enable you to win the share of wallet and significantly grow your association’s membership.

The 5 Qualities of Leaders Who Are Winning the War for Talent

Long held traditions for leading have been shattered as globalization has truly enabled competition without borders for talent. As a result, a new set of qualities of a successful leader has emerged. Based on years of working with thousands of leaders in 26 countries, a new and incredibly powerful leadership model was developed. In this highly interactive and extremely engaging session, you will experience the DRIVE leadership model and apply the refreshingly simple tips and strategies to develop the 5 qualities which enable a leader to increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and win the war for talent.

Reaching for Excellence

Envision what it would be like to work for an award-winning, globally admired, best places to work organization. This is an achievable goal when everyone uses the “integrity powers growth” principle as their foundation for shared leadership combined with the use of conviction to build a culture of highly motivated and empowered employees. Attendees will learn how to implement an innovatively simple system of execution to raise productivity, boost morale, and enhance communication to reach for excellence at every level in their organization.

Act and Think Your Way to the Top

When you think of limits, you create them. The most successful people use a variety of tactics and have a plan to remove the lid off of any limitations they encounter. Based on an analysis of success and his life experiences, personal growth and success expert Sardek Love will share 7 ways to act and think your way to the top.