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Could you give a great deal of credit for your success to the people who were the source of the most psychological distress in your life? I can. I thank Read more


You heard about the movie Friends with Benefits, and you swore you’d never accept such a dating arrangement. Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man was Read more


If you want to achieve and sustain success, there are some simple, easy actions all successful people take every day. Success, like anything else, is a habit, and here are Read more


According to CNN, 4 out of 10 Americans over the age of 18 are single, and the shocking reality is 61% of them have never been married. And these “singletons” are Read more

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In early December of 2006, I was fired from my job, and within 30 minutes of being terminated, I was re-employed. How was I able to do that? It was the Read more


I spend most of my time helping professionals all over the world develop the appropriate behaviors for leading people in the workplace, and as such, I have a lot of Read more


Whether you are interviewing a job candidate, having conversation during a dinner date, or working with team members on a project at work, the chances of you being lied to Read more

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The current challenging economic climate is further complicated by a chronic lack of trust. This article provides 4 guaranteed ways to assess anyone's trustworthiness. Read more

The same mistake you made when telling your child to clean his/her room is the same mistake you're making when setting other expectations. And this is causing unnecessary conflict and destroying trust. Read more to find out how to fix this extremely persistent communication problem. Read more

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A 2011 University of California, Berkeley study found that within just 20 seconds of meeting someone, people determine if the person they’ve met is trustworthy, kind, or compassionate. As this study reaffirms, our judgments Read more