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Managers can significantly increase employee engagement by doing two simple things –ask 4 amazingly effective questions, and use the answers to provide support for each employee’s needs.    The economy Read more

As a certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, I receive mentoring and training directly from John Maxwell and his global faculty. In one of his speeches on Trust Read more

  Although the U.S. unemployment rate remains too high, the oil and gas industry is experiencing a severe shortage of talent globally. This has dramatically increased the threat from competitors Read more

Image courtesy of Flickr user Cayusa According to a June 2012 Conference Board report, less than half (47%) of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. A May 2012 LRN study Read more

4 times. That is how much a simple yet insidious and chronic habit is potentially increasing costs in your organization. The habit goes largely undetected because it’s commonly practiced, very Read more


When we ask managers and leaders how much time do they spend dealing with conflict directly or indirectly, the answer is always about 20% of their time or about one Read more


We’ve all experienced times where we thought we had communicated clearly only to come to the conclusion that a misunderstanding had occurred. And during those highly irritating moments, our immediate Read more

Get decision makers to invest in your programs and initiatives by crafting irresistible value propositions Read more

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As all areas of the US economy continue to show improvement, more and more people will be making moves to new jobs. As such, the chances of working for a Read more


I spend most of my time helping professionals all over the world develop the appropriate behaviors for leading people in the workplace, and as such, I have a lot of Read more