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Maximizing Training Transfer

Use these 3 fundamentals to design and deliver training that can create unbreakable employee loyalty and unleash competition-crushing productivity. A new Pew Research Center study may have unearthed a groundbreaking Read more

5 Mistakes Training Managers Make

Build program credibility, retain your best trainers, and increase the ability to measure the impact of your training program by eliminating these way-too-common barriers to success. “We’re tired of being Read more

One of the most effective ways to guarantee the transfer of training requires no management reinforcement at all. Conventional wisdom says if training is going to be applied back on Read more

You don’t achieve influence by what you say; you get it by what others experience when dealing with you. I recently taught a 2 day consulting skills course to training Read more

Failing to overcome 4 barriers dooms training resulting in a massive waste of time and money. Training professionals you have a grand opportunity before you. Your level of importance is Read more

People are not persuaded by what is said, they are persuaded by what they understand. The only way to understand anything is through the art of asking precise, concise, and Read more

Do these 15 things and you are guaranteed to lose credibility and bore the hell out of people who attend your training. We’ve all been there. Praying for the torture Read more

Training professionals who demonstrate these 3 skills consistently deliver maximum business impact. What do AstraZeneca, Saudi Aramco, Hilton Worldwide, Phillips Healthcare, Pfizer, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, HealthNow Read more

By using this potent and supercharged approach, any local ATD Chapter can make a killer impression and get big time speakers to come to their chapter for a fraction of Read more

The greatest form of sophistication is simplicity. One process for effectively measuring the value of training is as elegant as it is simple. Scenario: You are delivering training to a Read more