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Managing Performance


Master the fundamentals skills required to manage and lead performance in an increasingly complex workplace.


Managing Conflict

Conflict is often the result of differences in interpersonal preferences, values, and disagreements regarding task management. If incorrectly managed, they will increase cost, reduces efficiency, and shatter teamwork. Learn proven and effective strategies for preventing and resolving the most destructive types of conflict.

Essentials of Performance Management

Effective managers are masters of setting expectations, delegating work, providing performance feedback, coaching others, and tracking and measuring progress. Employ a concise, step-by-step hands on process for delivering performance feedback and appraisals that motivate and retain employees.

The Power of Questions

When time pressures exist, the use of questions drops dramatically and an overuse of closed questions becomes a bad habit. This leads to a significant gap in communication and lower employee engagement. Learn powerfully simple techniques for using the power of questions to achieve results faster, better, and cheaper.