Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions

For Frontline Supervisors and Team Leaders


Master the foundational skills necessary to enable the highest productivity and quality from the frontline manager’s direct reports.


Essentials of Coaching for High Performance

Maximize productivity by developing the essential coaching skills necessary for managing and improving the performance of individuals and teams.

Essentials of Performance Management

Effective managers are masters of setting expectations, delegating work, providing performance feedback, coaching others, and tracking and measuring progress. Employ a concise, step-by-step hands on process for delivering performance feedback and appraisals that motivate and retain employees.

Essentials of Effective Communication

Create a personalized, strengths-based toolkit of communications skills that will enable you to attract, engage, and retain today’s diverse, multi-generational workforce.

Essentials of Employee Engagement for Supervisors

Create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reinforcing the specific manager actions that ignite higher levels of employee engagement.

DiSCover Your Leadership Strengths

Identify your strengths and learn to consistently utilize them with lightning ease to dramatically increase your performance and the performance of those you lead.