Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions

For Individual Contributors


Master the interpersonal and leadership skills that are the foundation of sustainable career growth and success.


Building Trust-Based Relationships

Lack of trust is one of the top barriers to career success. Learn how to apply the essential trust building behaviors that achieve the influence, credibility, and productivity of top performers.

Essentials of Persuasion and Building Influence

Persuading and influencing skills are the foundation of top notch performance. Learn the essentials steps for gaining buy in from key decision makers and stakeholders.

Essentials of Effective Communication

Create a personalized, strengths-based toolkit of communications skills that will enable you to communicate with impact.

Essentials of High Impact Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Companies that last win on innovation, and that starts with having people who can solve the most pressing challenges. Instill the skills essential to winning for the long term.

DiSCover Your Leadership Strengths

Identify your strengths and learn to consistently utilize them with lightning ease to dramatically increase your performance and the performance of those you lead.