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For Health, Safety and Environment Professionals


Accelerate the adoption of safe working practices by strengthening employees’ ability to achieve high levels of productivity through working safely 100% of the time.


Courageous Leadership

Only 1 in 4 people will speak up when they see someone doing something unsafe on the job. Learn strategies that enable the courage necessary to overcome the conspiracy of silence and create a culture of safety.

Essentials of Effective Communication in High Risk Environments

In almost every incident, lack of effective communication is determined to be a root cause. Use a straight-forward, systematic approach to communicating that reduces risk, increases efficiency, and ultimately saves lives.

Essentials of Beahvior-Based Safety

Create an incident free culture by teaching employees how to identify at risk behaviors, assess their own level of risk tolerance, and gain commitment from themselves and others to eliminating at risk acts.

Essentials of Safety Leadership

The level of safety in any organization is heavily influenced by leadership. Embed the skills to increase the level of trust and confidence employees have in your leaders that will allow them to guide others in engaging in safe work practices.

Essentials of Effective Safety Coaching Conversations

A safe work environment is created by the conversations that occur or don’t occur. Teach employees a straight-forward coaching model that will establish a common language and drive down your Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR).