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Is This you?

Are you overworked, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated?
Are you too tired after work to exercise and do the things you enjoy?
Do you wish you had more money, more time, and more fun?
Do you work and / or live with people who are constantly complaining?
Would you like to reduce conflict, increase influence, and grow beyond your imagination?

If you answered YES, then THIS 4 WEEK PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

Here are the 5 MAIN REASONS this program will boost your success…

1. Hard Becomes Easy.Growing your success is hard if you don’t know what and how to do it. Leadership expert and peak performance guru Sardek Love demystify the myths regarding success and give you the simple tools, strategies, and science behind what it takes to break through the patterns that are blocking your success.

2. Know What To Do in Any Given Situation. As a leadership expert and a peak performance guru, Sardek has researched, sorted, filtered, analyzed, summarized, and categorized a list of fundamentals of success that consistently produce measurable and sustainable growth regardless of circumstances.

3. Get the EXACT Templates, Tools, and Assessments to Grow Your Success. Sardek has worked in 24 countries coaching thousands of leaders, employees, and individuals, and you will receive the very same tools his global audiences received at a fraction of the investment they made.

4. Implement a Powerful Plan to Produce Results in 30 Days. Every choice you make shapes your destiny. The plan Sardek will share is the very one he’s used to transform from an unknown trainer to a globally recognized and highly sought after leadership expert, peak performance guru, motivational speaker, and ASTD certified Master Trainer. The plan works regardless of individual circumstances because success is based on daily choices, and choices always trump circumstances.

5. Own the System, Master the Techniques. From years of research, and constant refinement of the best practices of the success gurus like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, the coaching system Sardek will reveal is a simple, practical, and customizable plan for action.

The How to Stop Living Within Your Limitations and Start Living Beyond Your Imagination Coaching Workshop will provide the insights necessary to transform small daily actions into gigantic, life changing results. It will give you the a clear path and a plan of personal growth that, when consistently followed, will produce results that will bewilder your friends, family, and colleagues.

This Program Includes:

1. Weekly Webinars with Sardek Love – filled with strategies, tools, and tactics that work. You’ll also receive BONUS material that only Sardek can share. He is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, and you will be provided proven lessons from John Maxwell’s teachings.

2. Recordings – designed to offer the greatest flexibility, never miss a weekly coaching session. Every session will be recorded and made available for review at your convenience. It is teaching that keeps on teaching.

3. Online Coaching Workshop Library – this is where you will access every file, template, tool, and resource PLUS some bonus material that Sardek will post in response to your specific questions and requests.

4. Email Access – got a quick question? Need some quick advice? Email Sardek, and he will happily give quick answers.

5. Private Facebook Group for Workshop Members – ask and answer questions, get advice, and crowdsource ideas for compounding your success in our private, members only mastermind group on the world’s most popular social media platform.

Imagine What Your Life Will Look Like…
Once you start to consistently apply, amplify, and magnify your peak performance plan…

1. You’ll start making choices that ignite your passions and drive your success trajectory up.

2. You’ll become laser-focused on how and where to invest your time, effort, energy, and resources that compound your success.

3. You’ll surround yourself with “make a positive difference” people who will provide the critical insights to ensure you remain on your personal growth and success path.

4. You’ll never again make choices that restrict options and block success. You’ll make choices that lead to expanded options and increased capacity.

5. You’ll become a “go to” person because you will eliminate limiting thoughts and beliefs and master the skill of solution-focused thinking.

6. You’ll work with a peak performance partner to ensure follow through and attainment of maximum results.

7. You’ll build stronger, more productive relationships while simultaneously building your ability to influence others.

For just $456 you get access to a coach who has done what you want to do PLUS 4 weeks of personalized support for living beyond average and reaching your potential.

WHEN: The dates of my next 4 week series will be posted on Friday, November 1, 2014. So please check back then.

WHERE: Webinar

ONLINE: 24/7 access to the workshop’s private Facebook page and online workshop library. Watch recorded weekly webinars on demand at your convenience.

LIMITED SPACES: The group will be small to ensure you get the maximum value from personal growth and success expert Sardek Love and your fellow participants.

ENROLL using the button below and let’s start living your life beyond your imagination!