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6 Irrefutable Laws of Personal Success (Part II)



In the second of a two part article series, you will learn about three of the six Laws of Personal Success and be given tools for implementing the actions required to create enduring success in your life.

Now that you’ve taken a few days to practice implementing the first three Laws of Personal Success, it is time to reveal the remaining three that complete the road map.

The Law of Growth

Once most people complete their educational requirements, they stop learning. And that’s a mistake. Successful people live by the Law of Growth – they never ever stop learning, and they never ever stop growing. People who start multiple businesses are not driven to do so because of the money – they do it because of the challenge. And that requires constant adaptation, acceptance of change, and continuous learning. In my presentation at the 2012 ASTD International Conference and Exposition, I identified several awesome and FREE resources anyone can use to develop themselves. The list of resources included articles from Forbes, CBS Money Watch, McKinsey & Company, and Inc. magazine. YouTube is also filled with tons of tutorial videos, so you can continue to grow on a shoestring budget. That’s exactly how I do it, and now so can you.

The Law of Connection

I’ve written extensively about the importance and power of having a SUCCESS team as a resource to provide guidance, coaching, cheerleading, and reality checks. But the Law of Connection is not just about receiving – you must also be continuously investing in others – which is called Feeding Forward. When you solve other peoples’ problems, it creates a boomerang effect. Most people don’t do this, so it is an easy way to standout. Using my blog article to identify the roles you need on your SUCCESS team combined with identifying who you can help will put you on a path of personal success that is both rewarding and contributing to the success of others.

The Law of Recovery

Most people fear failure, which makes them completely unprepared to deal with it when it occurs. The key to overcoming your fear of failing is to understand it, which allows you to prepare for it. In John Maxwell’s book Failing Forward, he identifies the key differences between those who fail vs. those who fail forward. By honestly and candidly answering the following questions, you determine if you’re failing backwards or failing forward: Do you blame others or do you take responsibility? Do you repeat the same mistakes or do you learn from each? Do you expect to never fail again or do you embrace failure as a part of progress? Do you accept tradition blindly or do you challenge outdated assumptions and beliefs? And are you limited by past mistakes or are you consistently taking new risks anyway? These questions provide crucial insights to overcoming failure, and the faster you can recover from mistakes and setbacks, the more successful you will become.

By taking action to implement all six Laws of Personal Success into your daily routines, you will lay the foundation from which success is derived and sustained. It takes time, belief, commitment, and perseverance to achieve sustained results so start taking action today to live the life you are completely capable of living.

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