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The 7 Types of People Who Drive Us Crazy!



There are people you absolutely enjoy being around. They make us laugh, they help us get things done, and they always help us solve the problems we face. And then there are those who just tick us off. No bones about it, they simply drive us nuts. You know who they are – they always seem to create more problems than they help solve. They always seem to make the hair on your neck stand up. And after every interaction with them, you inevitably start talking to yourself to rationalize why you shouldn’t strangle them. The truth of the matter is, you’ll more than likely need one or more members of your SUCCESS TEAM to help you cope and deal with those who create angst for us.

So here are my top 7 types of people who exhibit behaviors that drive us crazy!

1. The Arrogant Person. This person has to have the last word, and everything he says and does is centered around his ego. He is the consummate self-centered person that literally tries to make every little bit of minutiae he can think of sound important. It’s so annoying that, after a while, you actively start strategizing how to keep this person away from you.

2. The Negative Person. These people are easy to spot because after every single conversation, any positive energy that existed before is gone. They constantly tell you why things can’t be done or shouldn’t be done a certain way. They constantly provide reasons why something is wrong yet they never provide suggestions on how to do it differently or better. They also constantly want to debate – they simply don’t know when to shut up – even if there is nothing to debate about.


3. The Way Too Direct Person. Don’t get me wrong, there are times you need to be direct. Unfortunately, some people think any time is appropriate. They consistently spout off harsh statements and state them with aggressive body language without regard or concern for others. They simply don’t care how what they say and how they say it makes others feel. Most people want to be around this type of person about as often as they’d like to encounter a serial killer in a dark alley.


4. The Know-It-All. The cousin of The Arrogant Person, the Know It All lacks the ability to know when his knowledge sharing becomes completely annoying. Once he gets on a roll sharing his knowledge, he’ll continue sharing information that is totally random and utterly useless. For example, unless you are into beetles or are in a need to know situation, telling you the lifespan of an Asian beetle is a grand waste of time. I call these people the upchuck Chuck! The sad part for this person is that when he acts like the “smartest guy in the room” but everyone else knows he doesn’t have all the answers, he loses credibility in a major way. The problem with this person is they’re too busy talking to realize they should have shut up a long time ago.


5. The Stubborn Person. There are people who must have things done exactly in a certain way – their way – or the world will fall apart. The language they use is consistently doomsday type language – for example, everything is described as a potential “disaster”, “tsunami” or “implosion” waiting to happen. Their purpose is to beat you into submission so that you give up, and they don’t give up easily so be warned – taking them on will be exhaustive.


6. The Too Dang Happy Person. I preach positivity because it makes life so much easier to live. However, too much of anything can turn into a negative, and the too dang happy cheerleader seems to always be excited. Where this becomes a problem is when their level of positivity and excitement is completely inappropriate and / or the dosage of it has been administered for too long. After a while, this person simply gets on your dang nerves, and you start envisioning them being tied to a chair with their mouth covered with tape.


7. The Unable to Function Independently Person. We’ve been around those people who can never make a decision on their own. Everything they do requires your input and approval. It’s because they lack any self-confidence, are full of angst, and feel they need to be told exactly what to do and how to do it. Unfortunately, the stronger their inability to function is, the more likely they need to seek professional assistance to help them cope and manage the simplicities and complexities of life.


These are the 7 types of people that drive most people crazy. So, what types of people drive you nuts?

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