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Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Do These 4 Things to Make 2014 A Smashing Success!

Serving as a blessing to others all year long will make next year a smashing success.

Every year millions of people make resolutions to be better in the coming year, yet 98% of those who make resolutions fail to keep them. To have a great year next year is actually quite simple – develop a laser like focus on being a blessing to others. Use your skills, knowledge, and abilities to do these 4 things to make next year a smashing success:

Make Every Interaction Positive and Memorable

Everyone has the ability of making someone happy, some by entering the room, others by leaving it. It’s all about your attitude because your attitude is like a price tag. It shows how much it costs to be your friend, family member, and / or work colleague. To maintain the right attitude that ensures you make every interaction positive and memorable for others, avoid the 3 bad “C’s” – cursing, complaining, and criticizing. When you do, you become memorable instead of being forgettable. Remember, when you bless others with positivity, they bless you with opportunities.

Be Uniquely Good at Something

What are you really good at? Don’t limit your answer to what you do professionally because your unique talents and abilities are an absolute gold mine.  Successful people get up every day and use their uniqueness to add value to others. Our family friend Paul, who works for the postal service, is widely known as being one of the most helpful and unselfish people on the planet. His talents are wide and diverse, and when asked for help, his passion in solving other peoples’ problems is infectious. That sets him apart. What sets you apart? To be very clear on this, use my 3 step process for developing an effective elevator speech to create awareness of your uniqueness. This will help you stay in your talent and strength zone, and like our friend Paul, you’ll go from being known as a good guy/gal to the being known as the “go to” guy/gal in your area of talents and strengths.

Make Things Easier for Others

Complexity is the enemy of efficiency and cost, and as a result, where complexity exists, mediocrity is the norm. It is also a GREAT source of opportunity. When you hear others complain, listen up as they are handing out gifts. They are sharing brilliant opportunities disguised as unmet wants and needs. As Albert Einstein said, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” By simply being attentive to the needs of others, you will see just how easy it is to become a master of simplicity. Once you do, your influence and success has the potential to expand faster than a computer virus on your company network.

Be More Accountable and Win Big

Ask people why they haven’t achieved their potential and you’ll hear all kinds of excuses. Let me be blunt here – excuses are the crutches of the unsuccessful because no one has ever excused his way to success. People who always take accountability for results – good and bad – earn a huge amount of credibility. And in a time where trust is at an all-time low, being accountable and doing what you say you’re going to do creates a huge advantage for access to awesome opportunities to make a positive difference and get what you want.

To have a smashingly successful year, it comes down to taking bold and decisive action to seize the extraordinary opportunities that are divinely configured for your unique talents and abilities. Success is a combination of faith + action, and when you have both, countless blessings await you.

The Floor is Yours

What other tips and strategies for achieving goals in a new year have you successfully used? Please share them in the comments below.

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