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10 Traits of People Who Elevate You to Breakthrough Results

The people closest to you determine your level of success or failure. 

Do you have criteria for who gets exclusive access to you?

The GangIf not, my dear friend and mentor Anne Bruce provides an excellent list of selection criteria in her book “Discover True North”. If you want to elevate your success, recruit people with these 10 traits to serve as your personal board of directors:

1. Fiercely loyal
2. Faithful and trustworthy
3. Tolerant of peoples’ differences
4. Generous with their ideas and innovations
5. Secure about themselves and where they are going
6. Positive and focused
7. Intelligent and accomplished
8. Family oriented
9. Forgiving
10. Building their lives from the inside out

Remember, success is achieved by surrounding yourself with those who help you add and multiply your success while avoiding anyone who may subtract or divide your success.

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